Monday, September 24, 2007

a confession of a kyladdictus

A few pips know that i'm a huge fan of Kyla. For me, she have a stand-out voice and a good personality. I even have all of her 5 albums ( even bought 2 Beautiful Days- thinking I lost the first. ) and all her collaborations and movie soundtrack.

I dunno. Everytime i hear her voice, i feel relax and stress free. it's a bit odd that i can spend the day just listening to her studio albums. i have a copy of her heartsong concert and a regular youtube viewer for her current gigs and performance to SOP and PPS. iam one member of her online community, since 2002, i guess.

She find a "Way to Your Heart"
That's why "I Feel For You" is true
I'm now here and "I Will Find You"
Many people think that your "Not an Ordinary Girl"
For me, your part of my "Beautiful Days"
And your always be- "Heartfelt"

Her new album will be out in October released under EMI Phils. It's a covers 80's and 90's hits. Love will lead you back is topping the radio stations now... hope this new formula will make her a hit again! I know some of the songs, i know she will make justice to these hits! :)


1.) Love Will Lead You Back (Taylor Dane)
2.) Always & Forever (Luther Vandross)
3.) Broken Hearted (Brandy)
4.) Over The Rainbow (Patti Labelle)
5.) For You (Kenny Lattimore)
6.) I Miss You So Much (TLC)
7.) I Don't HAve THe Heart (James Ingram)
8.) It's Over Now (Joey Albert)
9.) I Don't Want You To Go (Lani Hall)
10.) If I Were You (Tamia)
11.) Someone (EMI) original
12.) Last Chance (Allure)
13.) Home (Brian McKnight)
14.) Wait For You (Elliot Yamin)
15.) With This Tears (Celine Dion)
16.) One Day In Your Life (Michael Jackson)

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