Sunday, February 24, 2008

At long last my A.L.I.A.S. Marathon is over!!!

After a year of movie marathon with months of delay due to unavailability of Season5, my alias marathon had concluded about an hour ago.

I was in high school before when alias was introduce through local TV by Ch 2. The series was tagalized and I'm right away got hooked with the concept. the spy-fi thingie. As far as I know it was a top rater before. Then a season after, it was trasfered to Ch23, the sister company of ABSCBN along with other shows to streghten the network with other Hollywood shows. This time it is in English format. Due to poor signal, I wasn't able to catch up.

Fast Forward
Back in college and I was able to catch up for some episodes but I'm quite lost track of it. The series happens to be purchased alongside with Smallville, another fave tv series. Then from time to time if I have time, I watched this till i totally forgot to view because I had a step forward to anime thing.... Then I do RPGs and then I got promoted and all other priorities...

and then, it'S done.

Final assessment...

I believe that the story gave justice to Rambaldi's prophecy and the characters on the TV series. The ending is satisfying. I wonder if there is a chance they will be doing an A.L.I.A.S reunion.

or maybe a follow up movie...

Let me give you this last few minutes of the series, then you may say that there will be a room for another season of A.L.I.A.S


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