Saturday, March 1, 2008

Last day to catch 'em all-- Team Pokemon

At Pizza hut! Do we look starving? haha

Deanne, Ralph, Jel and Jaq

Cristine, Claire, Camillo, Joseph

Attack na! Jen mukhang nawawala ka sa sarili mo! hehe

the last piece... very pinoy!

Claire while enjoying a slice :)

The bloated pokemon

May humabol. Itago natin sa pangalang Jessie!

Jen parang artista lang ah!

The day is almost over
Moi, Mye and Jen

Roll call!!!
Camillo, Joseph, Deanne, Ralph, Jel, Jaq, Christine, Jen, Mye, Dian, Kato, Shiela

Thanks for all the help! learned a lot from you Mye!

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