Friday, March 12, 2010

A Message From the Old Sergeant Major... T_T

Hello Arcy

Rather sudden for me too my friend.

I knew when you and I began our journey last year that you guys
eventually would be taking over. Knowing this I tried my best to prepare
you for this eventuality. Wanted only the best for you at all times. Hope I
was successful in that regard.

Meant to call you and let you know however it got rather crazy after I was
told. We did not expect this and was caught totally off guard. Your mind
is rather fuzzy when this happens.

I count you as a very close friend. It is very satisfying that you got
promoted to management. I know that you are a great supervisor and
incorporate the philosophy
'that your team works with you and not for you.' Remember this and you
will do just fine.

I am so proud of you Arcy !

You and I worked together to achieve a goal. You earned that promotion and
I was very proud for you my friend so in that regard we achieved our goal.
I always tried to convey this philosophy for you and I. We were equals in
every way. I enjoyed being able to assist in your success. It is with
great pride that I was able to see you achieve success . You taught me
many things as well, Would not be on face book if not for you. I even
have a picture of Gay and I on the front page. You are a great guy and it
is an honor to have served with you !

Not sure what is going to happen now ! I think I may apply for Recall to
Active Duty. I want you to know that I believe I served not only for the
US but in a way for you and the Filipino people too. Not at all a bad thing
I think.. Gaylynn is not really wild about that idea but might be a good
way to go. I enjoy training young people to achieve something that maybe
they thought they could not do

I assure you that the time I was able to spend with you is very special and
I consider you a son. I will always be here for you. Someday my dear
friend and colleague when you are outside and the wind is blowing and
gently hits your face that will be me saying hello Arcy. Perhaps you will
remember the "old Sergeant Major"

It is with deep regret and great sadness this that I have to leave you my
dear friend, at least on the professional level, but we will always stay
in touch because you are in my heart ! You are special person and I thank
you for allowing me to serve with you, a privilege and honor !


I intend to print your email and will keep it close

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