Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trust and Responsibility

At work, instead of vision and mission, IBM has values that is expected from each employee to show and live with. These value does not only apply with our work, but also on our daily life. The IBM values are as follows:

1) Dedication to every client's success.
2) Innovation that matters - to the company and the world.
3) Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

Among the three specified values above, the third one is the one that is more personal than professional.

So how can we build trust. It all starts with getting to know the parties involved - it can be for a friend, a colleague or love interest. It's not about laying all the cards, but its more of letting other people to invade your privacy and let them see the things that they are not usually seeing. There's more than meets the eye so we should be selective on who to share your privacy sphere.

Trust is a collective effort, it should be coming from both direction. It will surely be a solid foundation of every relationship. Every variable involved should interact, collaborate and share. There will be no good relationship that is built other than trust and having God as a center of a relationship. We can seek help from other people to seek for assistance or for improvement. There are a lot of training materials for you to have it right but it will always should be coupled with will.

From time to time, its good to check online from getting words of inspiration in terms of wordings and encouraging phrases. "Responsiblity Quotes" can help but it will always be necessary to built it with you and the other party so it should start from ourselves. Life is too short to bend it with lies and false faith. A relationship will only work if we can get it right by acting now. Trust and Responsibility are two things that are important to instill in oneself so in return the other party will do the same.

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